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topic posted Sat, February 16, 2008 - 10:51 PM by  Diana
Okay, so I'm a pear with a HUGE difference between my waist and hips (anywhere from 17-20 inches dependent on weight fluctuations). I have a really big problem with my waistbands and hip wraps migrating towards my waist when I dance. My solution has been to pin or snap (the mega snaps are awesome for this) boy shorts or hipster panties to my waistbands and my hip wraps as well.

My problem is that on panties/shorts big enough to fit my hips comfortably, the legs are too wide, and drawers themselves begin to ride up on the hips (WEDGIE! OW!). If I buy them smaller, they either don't come up even front and back (I have quite an apron) or I end up with the muffin top from hell.

So, here's the deal. I'm looking for the perfect hipster or boy short. It should be generous through the hip but snug (though not chaffing) around the leg openings. It should come up even front and back. And it should come in VERY large sizes (unlike most dance shorts which might go up to 2x if you're lucky). Ideally, it would be a lycra or microfiber boy short that ISN'T a cheeky panty (I want the cheeks FULLY covered) and hits right at the widest part of the hip (about 2 inches below the belly button on me).

So, am I out of my gourd or does such a short exist?
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